Making our products

Our products are handmade in Germany by small artisan businesses. This gives us the ability to offer our customers custom products. Anything is possible and we are happy to customize our products to your needs.


We are striving to be as environmentally conscious as possible in our products and packaging.

Our bedding uses sustainable thread buttons, which are made from a recyclable metal ring covered with cotton thread. A method that dates back to the 1600s.
They eliminate the use of plastic zippers. Plastic zippers are not recyclable and if they break they cannot be repaired and are expensive to replace. Replacing a lost button is easier and more cost effective and we ship our bedding with extra buttons.
Button closures on duvet covers allow your bedding to breath better than a zipper closure.
We are committed to using no plastic packaging. We have designed our bedding packaging to become a 40x40cm decorative pillowcase.